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Introduction to History-PUC History Question Bank

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Introduction to History

One Mark Questions:

1.    Name the word from which History is derived?
Greek word HISTORIA
2.    Name the language to which HISTORIA belongs?
3.    Who is the father of History?
4.    Who called History as a Teacher?
The Roman Historian Cicero
5.    Who defined History as the Biography of Great men?
Thomas Carlyle
6.    Who defined History as Class War?
Karl Marx
7.    Who is the author ogf Discovery of India?
Jawaharlal Nehru
8.    What is the meaning of HISTORIA or History?
Enquiry or Research
9.    Name the book written by Herodotus?
10.    Who defined History as a Struggle between good and evil?
St. Augustine
11.    Who is the author of The city of god?
St. Augustine

Two Marks Questions:
1.    Who is the father of History and to which country he belong?
Herodotus. He belongs to Greece
2.    Name any two Greek Historians?
Herodotus, Thercydides and Dimysis
3.    Name the books written by Karl Marx?
Das Capital and Communist Manifesto
4.    Give E.H. Carr’s definition of History?
According to E.H. Carr’s “History” is a continuous dialogue between the past and the present”. It means History is a sink between the past and the present.
5.    Who wrote “A Study of history and what does he define history as?
Arnold Toynbee. He defined History as the story of civilizations
6.    Mention the importance of the study of History?
a.    History is a source of insgiration
b.    History helps us to understand present better
c.    History teaches us lessons
d.    History helps us in understanding language and literature better.
7.    What is pre-history?
It is the study of that period where we don’t have written records. Hence we depend upon pre-historic remains like, stone tools and implements, cave paintings, skeletal remains, etc.
8.    What is proto-history?
It is the study of that period where we have written records, but are un-deciphered is not understood by man. The only example of its kind is the script of Indus Valley Civilization.
9.    Name any two Indian Historians?
Jawaharlal Nehru, R.G. Bhandarkar, Jadvnath Sarkar and Bipan Chandra
10.    Give Jawaharlal Nehru’s definition of History?
“Man’s growth from barbarism to civilization is supposed to be the theme of history”, said Nehru.






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