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Rise of New Religions-PUC History Question Bank

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Rise of New Religions (6th Century B.C.)
Jainism and Buddhism

One Mark Questions:

1.    Where was Gauthama Buddha born?
A: At Lumbini gardens in Kapilavastu.

2.    What is Siddartha popularly called as?
A: Gautama Buddha

3.    Who is called as Sakyamuni and Sakyasimha?
A: Gautama Buddha

4.    Name the kingdom ruled by Siddartha?
A: Kapilavastu.

5.    Where did Siddartha attain enlightenment?
A: Under the Bodhi tree in Gaya

6.    Where did Buddha first preach?
In the Deer Park in Sarnath

7.    What does Buddha mean?
A: The enlightened one ( one who attained Nirvana)

8.    Who is called as Tathagatha?
A: Buddha

9.    Name the language in which Buddha preached?
A: Pali

10.    Name the famous Mauryan king who converted to Buddhism?
A: Ashoka

11.    Where was the third Buddhist Council held?
A: Pataliputra

12.    Who is a Tirthankara?
A: Jain teacher

13.    Who is the first Jain Tirthankara?
A: Rishaba

14.    Who is the last Jain Tirthankara?
A: Vardhamana Mahaveera

15.    Where was Mahaveera born?
A: At Kundagrama near Vaisali in Bihar

16.    Name the Language in which Mahaveera preached?
A: Ardha-magadi

17.    Name the Mauryan king who migrated to Sravanabelagola?
A: Chandragupta Maurya

18.    What is the original Jain text called as?
A: 14 Purvas

19.    Name the centre of Jainism in Karnataka
A: Sravanabelagola

20.    Name the Mauryan king who converted to Jainism?
A: Chandragupta Maurya

Two Marks:

Mention any two causes for the rise of Jainism and Buddhism?
A: a. Sacrifices, rituals and ceremonies of Vedic religion
     b. Caste system

Name the parents of Buddha?
A: Father Suddodhana and Mother Maya Devi

Name the four signs seen by Buddha for the first time
A: a. Old man
     b. A Sick Person
     c. A Dead Body
         d. An Ascetic

Where did Buddha first preach and what is that event called as?
A: At deer park in Sarnath. The event is called as Dharma Chakra Pravartana Sutta.

Name some disciples of Buddha.
A: Sariputta, Mogallana, Upali and Ananda

Who preached Ashtangikamarga? ( The eight fold path) Name them?
A: Buddha preached Ashtangikamarga. They are:
1.    Right Belief
2.    Right Thought
3.    Right Speech
4.    Right Action
5.    Right Livelihood
6.    Right Effort
7.    Right Attention and
8.    Right Meditation

Name the four Noble truths preached by Buddha.
A: a. There is Sorrow
     b. Cause of Sorrow
     c. Removal of Sorrow
     d. The way leading to the removal of sorrow.

Name the sacred texts of Buddhism and their language.
A: Tripitakas – they are – Vinaya pitaka, Sutta pitaka and Abidhamma pitaka. They are written in Pali language.

What do the Vinaya and Sutta pitaka contain?
A: Vinaya pitaka contains the rules and regulations to be followed in the Sangha. Sutta pitaka contains the sermons of Buddha.
At which Council did Buddhism first split into two? Name the split sects?
A: At the 2nd Buddhist council held in Vaishali. The split sects are, Theravadins and Mahasangikas.

Who convened the 3rd Buddhist council? Name the Buddhist text written at the council
A: Emperor Ashoka. The Buddhist text written is Abidhamma pitaka.

Who convened the 4th Buddhist council and where?
A: King Kanishka. In Kashmir

Name two broad branches of Buddhism.
A: Hinayana and Mahayana

What is the difference between Hinayana and Mahayana?
A: Hinayana Buddhists are the original followers of Buddha. They do not believe Buddha as a God. They worship the symbols of Buddhism, like Bodhi tree, Stupa, chariot, etc.
Mahayana Buddhists believe Buddha as a God and they worship the images of Buddha.

Name the kings who patronized Buddhism?
A: Ashoka, Kanishka and Harshavardhana.

What is the total number of Jain Tirthankaras and who is the 23rd Tirthankara?
A:24. The 23rd Tirthankara is Parshwanath.

Name the parents of Mahaveera.
A: Father Siddhartha and Mother Trisaladevi

Name the Ratnatraya of Jainism?
A: RightFaith, Right Knowledge and Right Action.

Name the Virtues of Jainism.
A: Satya – Truth
     Ahimsa – Non-violence
     Aparigraha – Non-possession
    Asteya – Non – stealing and
    Brahmacharya – Celibacy

Name the two sects of Jainism
A: Digambaras, are those who practice nudity preached by Mahaveera.
Swetambaras, are those who wear white clothes

At which council did Jainism first split into two? Name the split sects.
A: At the first Jain council at Pataliputra in 300 B.C. The split sects are – Diagambara and Swetambaras.

Which is the sacred text of Jains? Name the famous Rashtrakuta king who encouraged Jainism
A:12 Angas is the sacred text. The Rashtrakuta king is Amoghavarsha.

Who is called as Jina and where did he attain Nirvana?
A: Vardhamana Mahaveera . He attained nirvana under the Sal tree, in the town of Jrimbikagrama

Name some kings who encouraged Jainism
A: Chandragupta Maurya, Kharavela of Kalinga, Amoghavarsha of the Rashtrakutas and Rachamalla IV of the Gangas.






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